A sun to read the dark

“Imitation is an existential mistake. So, to escape from the trivial cycle of
relationships in music, the musician, the artist, must be absolutely independent,
which means absolutely alone.”
— Xenakis

A breath of fresh air from an old lung

So what is this, exactly? A space for writings and rantings about the entire sea of all things, or specific areas of interest therein. A watcher for  all the other eyes.

“The worse your art is, the easier it is to talk about it.”
-John Ashbery




Etienne Leopold Trouvelot, 'A Part of the Milky Way VIsible in Winter', 1875

In these ever-increasingly disturbing days, we wish you all a little light in the darkness in 2018, some small sun to find a way through and out.

“Nobilissima Viriditas, quae radicas in sole,
et quae in candida serenitate luces in rota,
quam nulla terrena excellentia comprehendit,
tu circumdata es amplexibus divinorum mysteriorum.
Tu rubes ut aurora et ardes ut sotis flamma!”