The inevitable year-end review of new and reissued recordings from 2023 that stood out a little, or a lot. Usual disclaimers about things unheard or unheard of apply, and there is much else besides that there wasn’t space to include in the mix or that didn’t arrive in time. With very best wishes for the new year.

Shizuka | 十 | Heavenly Persona (reissue, Black Editions)
Laibach | Nova Akropola | Nova Akropola (reissue, Cherry Red)
Mieko Suzuki | Disaster | Odipus, Herrscher (Raster)
Tongues of Mount Meru | Kalpa I (excerpt) | Kalpa (Moving Furniture)
Coppice | Clocks in Flux (Elastic Capture – Source Diffusion posst-CLEAT) (excerpt) (Ferns)
Mark Jenkin | Menhir Pt.1 | Enys Men (Original Score) (Invada)
Rudolf Eb.Er + Alice Kemp | Psycho-Spiritual Reflex (Old skin jelly reduction) | Skinned Alight (Love Earth Music)
Archeus | 噉相 = tan sō | Kusozu: Nine Death Stages (An’archives)
Marginal Consort | 06 06 16 (Part 2 excerpt) | 06 06 16 (St.Elisabeth Kirche) (901 Editions)
sara + Tatsuya Nakatani | Creature in a Forest (excerpt) | Creature in a Forest (Nomart Editions)
Hyunhye Seo | Eel (excerpt) | Eel (Room40)
Beatriz Ferreyra | Vivencias def (excerpt) | UFO Forest + (Room40)
C.C.C.C. | Polygon Islands (excerpt) | Polygon Islands (Usagi)
Incapacitants | Earthdamned (excerpt) | Oxen Man’s Uneasiness (Oxen)
Two Assistant Deputy Ministers | Merciful Deletion (excerpt) | Sloppy Seconds (Prose Nagge)
William Bennett + Toshiji Mikawa | untitled (excerpt) | Live Action 177 (Susan Lawly)
The Hafler Trio with B.C. Gilbert | Born | Idiots (Nihilist Recordings)
Cranioclast | OK Glacier | Arctic Salon (Auf Abwegen)
Joe Colley | Triplet Variant/Mockup 3 | Pleasure Pressure (New Forces)
Gottfried Michael Koenig | Terminus II IV | Avantgarde (reissue/compilation, Deutsche Grammophon)
Else Marie Pade | Symphonie magnétophonique (excerpt) | Symphonie magnétophonique (Dacapo EMP Series)
Jan Bark, Bo Anders Persson, Folke Rabe | Signeri (excerpt) | Signeri (Smoke Rings)
Leif Elggren | Arranging for an Opening of a Teleport to Shangri-La (excerpt) | Arranging for an Opening of a Teleport to Shangri-La (No Part Of It)
Nicolaus A. Huber | Versuch über Sprache III | Avantgarde (Deutsche Grammophon)
Lucy Liyou | April in Paris (excerpt) | Dog Dreams (American Dreams)
Jana Winderen | The Art of Listening Under Water (excerpt) | The Blue Beyond (Touch)
Jun Konagaya | 深き森,さまよい歩く人あり / There are people wandering in the deep forest | Organ (reissue, Urashima)
Anne Gillis | Soupir | Vhoysee (Art Into Life)


Not included in the podcast but very much appreciated also this year:

Albedo Gravitas | Luminescence (Musik Atlach)
Annexus Quam | Beziehungen (Breeze Music)
Annexus Quam | Osmose (Breeze Music)
Autechre | Confeld (Warp)
Autechre | AE_LIVE 2022- (Ae)
Bladder Flask | One day I was so sad… (Sonoris)
C.C.C.C. | Amplified Crystal (Helicopter)
C.C.C.C. | Community Center Cyber Crash/Live in Pittsburgh (Helicopter)
C.C.C.C. | Reflexive Universe (Urashima)
Dave Phillips | Underlying The Vast Ruin This Civilization Has Caused, Is Not Human Nature, But The Opposite: Human Nature Denied. (Flag Day Recordings)
Diana Rogerson | Blue Bottle in a Jam Jar (Nihilist)
Hawkwind | Space Ritual (50th Anniversary Edition) (Atomhenge/Cherry Red)
Laibach | Sketches of the Red Districts (God Records)
Menace Ruine | Venus Armata (remaster) (Union Finale)
The New Blockaders | Etudes de rien (Coherent States)
Philip Samartzis | Atmospheres and Disturbances (Room40)
Rudolf | Heimoror (Om Kult)
Roland Kayn | Decares (Kayn Archive)
Roland Kayn | Otron (Kayn Archive)
Rudolf | Hexenmilch (Rural Isolation Project)
sara .es + Kimihide Kusafuka | Bird (Nomart Editions)
sara .es + Toshiji Mikawa | Pumice (Nomart Editions)
Shizuka | III (Concentric Circles)
Techno Animal | Re-entry (Relapse)
Toukaseibunshi | Stratosphere Sound – Last Tracks (VLZ Produkt)
Werner Dafeldecker + Valerio Tricoli | Der Krater (Room40)

Special mention for the two Dror Feiler box sets on iDEAL that haven’t arrived yet but which would certainly have been listed here.