The latest mix for aired Sunday, August 20th at 8PM. In this episode, various reflections on our relationships with some of our closest nonhuman companions. G.X. Jupitter-Larsen interviews someone who REALLY likes dogs, Contrastate document some sordid backstage drama, Leif Elggren looks for a job, Bryan Lewis Saunders quits one, William Burroughs reflects on cats and the disappearance of the ‘natural’ world… with further music and sound by Vagina Dentata Organ, Wendy Van Dusen, Hands To, RLW, Holy Toy, Runzelstirn + Gurgelstøck, John Hudak, Cranioclast, Psychic TV, Alice Kemp, Lucy Liyou, Dave Phillips, Ruth White, Reiko A., Jonathan Briley, Merzbow, Nash Kontroll, Etant Donnés, Kiyoshi Mizutani, Charley Patton and Chris Watson. A very full hour for these dog days of summer.

Vagina Dentata Organ | Trained to Kill (excerpt) | Music for the Hashishins in Memoriam of Hasan Sabbah (World Satanic Network System, 1983)
Wendy Van Dusen | Dog | Extreme Music from Women (Susan Lawly, 2000)
The Haters | An Interview (over the phone) | Sex & Bestiality International Report (Bain Total, 1984)
Hands To | Cannon Dogs (Crash) | Do Not Touch Them (Big Body Parts, 1987)
RLW | Hunde, Geleast | 14 Recordings from 1980-1993 (Selektion, 1993)
Holy Toy | Men and Dog | Panzer and Rabbits (Sonet, 1984)
Contrastate | Poodles in Practice Dress at the Battersea Dogs Opera | Four Years in 30 Seconds (Dirter Promotions, 1997)
Runzelstirn + Gurgelstøck | Lap Dog Rap Mix (excerpt) | Society for Unnatural Acts (Bandaged Hand Produce, 1998)
John Hudak | Mister Softee Satie Dog | Anti Music for Snobism (Beast 666 Tapes, 1985)
Cranioclast | Das Gift des Toten Hundes | Ration-Skalk (Remix) (CoC, 1989)
Psychic TV | Finale | Dreams Less Sweet (Some Bizzare, 1983)
Alice Kemp | In Through a Dog’s Head Woman | Sweetly My Blacken Doll (Dead Mind Records, 2020)
Leif Elggren + Thomas Lijienberg | Dog Want Job | The Codfish Suit (Firework Edition Records, 1997)
Lucy Liyou | Dog Dreams (excerpt) | Dog Dreams (American Dreams Records, 2023)
Dave Phillips | Geula Cats | A Collection of Hair (Heart & Crossbone, 2013)
Ruth White | The Cat | Flowers of Evil (Limelight, 1969)
Reiko A. | Hesitation of a Cat (excerpt) | Live at Yaneura II (Nekosis, 1993)
Jonathan Briley | Vivisection | Throwaways (Inner-X Musick, 1988)
Bryan Lewis Saunders | I Quit | Near Death Experience (CD version) (Old Captain, 2018)
Nash Kontroll | All Muzzles Look the Same | Whispers from the Forests, Screams from the Mountains: New Suggestions for the Swedish Flora and Fauna (Häpna/iDEAL Recordings/Kning Disk, 2007)
Merzbow | CATalysis No.1 (excerpt) | CATalysis (Elevator Bath, 2023)
Etant Donnés | Dogs Attack | La Vie Nouvelle (Labels/Virgin, 2002)
Cranioclast | Cats Can Roil (excerpt) | Rats Can Coil Cats Can Roil (CoC, 1990)
Kiyoshi Mizutani | Woods in the Wind | Yokosawa-iri (12 Pieces of Mixed Soundscape) (CMR, 2002)
William S. Burroughs | The Cat Inside (excerpt) | The Best of William Burroughs from Giorno Poetry Systems (Mouth Almighty/Mercury, 1998)
Charley Patton | Mean Black Cat Blues | Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order Volume 1 (14 June 1929 to late November/early December 1929) (Document Records, 1990)
Chris Watson | Waiting | Outside the Circle of Fire (Touch, 1998)