Herein a selection of works by the late Peter Brötzmann in collaboration with a variety of international luminaries. Needless to say there’s no way a figure of this stature can be squeezed into such a small space as this, but I have tried to represent as much as possible the breadth and diversity of Brötzmann’s work over the years, with a focus on relatively recent recordings, as I do very much believe he was only improving with age. This music needs volume and attention.

Brötzmann/Leigh | Sex Tape (excerpt) | Sex Tape (Trost Records, 2017)
P.Brötzmann Group | Fuck de Boere (excerpt) | Fuck de Boere (Dedicated to Johnny Dyani) (Atavistic, 2001)
Die Like a Dog Quartet | Aoyama Crows (excerpt) | Aoyama Crows (FMP, 2002)
Brötzmann/Edwards/Noble | Don’t Fly Away | Soulfood Available (Clean Feed, 2014)
Sonore | Two Birds in a Feather | Only the Devil Has No Dreams (Jazzwerkstadt, 2007)
Brötzmann/Haino/Hano | Untitled (excerpt) | 31 March 2000 (Unofficial)
Haino Keiji, Brötzmann Peter, Jim O’Rourke | Two City Blues 2 (excerpt) | Two City Blues 2 (Trost Records, 2015)
Peter Brötzmann & Fredrick Lonberg-Holm | The Spiral (excerpt) | Ouroboros (Astral Spirits/Monofonus Press, 2018)
Brötzmann/Graves/Parker | Historic Music Past Tense Future (excerpt) | Historic Music Past Tense Future (Black Editions Archive, 2022)
Peter Brötzmann | Petroglyph #4 | Petroglyphs (Long Arms Records, 2004)
Brötzmann/Bennink | Nr.11 | Schwarzwaldfahrt (2CD version) (Atavistic, 2005)
Die Like a Dog Quartet | Part 1 (excerpt) | Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No.1 (FMP, 1998)
Fushitsusha & Peter Brötzmann | Layer upon layer of missing answers swirl in circles speaking to me “Still you ask why?” they say (excerpt) | Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything I am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself (Utech Records, 2014)
Caspar Brötzmann/Peter Brötzmann | Die, Saurier, Die | Last Home (Pathological, 1990)
Brotzmann/Leigh | River of Sorrow (excerpt) | Sparrow Nights (Trost Records, 2018)
Brötzmann/Bennink | Nr.4 | Schwarzwaldfahrt (FMP, 1977)
Peter Brötzmann / Keiji Haino Duo | Than the wound that was dropped here (excerpt) | The intellect given birth to here (eternity) is too young (Black Editions/Purple Trap, 2022)
Full Blast | Protoneparcel | Black Hole (Atavistic, 2009)
Peter Brötzmann Trio | Everything (excerpt) | For Adolphe Sax (BRÖ, 1967)
Hairybones | Snakelust (excerpt) | Snakelust (To Kenji Nakagami) (Clean Feed, 2013)
The Heavyweights | Frozen Whistle | Yatagarasu (Not Two Records, 2012)
Peter Brötzmann | Dark Blues | I Surrender Dear (Trost Records, 2019)