Being the return of those once-inevitable end-of-the-year lists that haven’t happened for a good while now. Usual disclaimers apply about things not heard or not heard about, even.

New or newly released music:
Banetoriko | Yorioto Hogiokuri (Neurec)
Henning Cristiansen | OP.176 Penthesilia (Henning Christiansen Archive)
Danielle Dax | Invictus Arduis (Heaven’s Lathe)
Diamanda Galás | Broken Gargoyles (Intravenal Sound Operations)
Gu-N | Gu-N (An’archives)
Keiko Higuchi | Vertical Language (Black Editions)
Alice Kemp | To All My Hideous Children (box set, Coherent States)
Menace Ruine | Nekyia (Union Finale)
Metgumbnerbone | Out of the Ground (Metgumbnerbone)
Hermann Nitsch | Weinviertel Sinfonie (Trost Records)
Phew | Names (Bereket)
Eliane Radigue | Occam XXV (Organ Reframed)
Ákos Rózmann | Mass/Massa (Ideologic Organ/Editions Mego)
Akira Sakata & Takeo Moriyama | Mitochondria (Trost Records)
Shizuka | Lunatic Pearl (An’archives)
Ghédalia Tazartès | Gospel et le rateau (Bisou)

Banetoriko | Beside the Sluice (Neurec)
Club Skull | The Origins of… (Urashima)
Column One | W.Transmission 1-5 (Zoharum)
Diamanda Galas | The Divine Punishment (Intravenal Sound Operations)
Hands To | Bio Electric (New Forces)
Hijokaidan | Zouroku no Kibyou (Urashima)
Incapacitants | As Loud As Possible (Total Black)
Incapacitants | Feedback of NMS (Urashima)
Roland Kayn | Infra | (Reiger-records-reeks)
Fumio Kosakai | The Warm Garden (Skeleton Dust)
Takehisa Kosugi + Akio Suzuki | New Sense of Hearing (Blank Forms)
Monde Bruits | Tapes 1991-1994 (Audio Dissection/Industrial Recollections)
Ramleh | Hole in the Heart (Dirter Promotions)
Tibetan Red | Fouta Djalon (Nostalgie de la boue)
Tibetan Red | Ritual Breathing (Nostalgie de la boue)
Iannis Xenakis | Electroacoustic Works (Karlrecords)

Books (read, though not necessarily published, in 2022… this is a selection, complete list would be far too long)
Nick Blinko | The Sketchbooks of Nick Blinko (aka Littel Books of Blackfulness) (Zagava)
Walerian Borowczyk | Anatomy of the Devil (Rotland Press)
B.Catling | Hollow (Vintage)
B.Catling/Iain Sinclair | Scales/Silenic Drift (Strange Attractor)
Lucy Lane Clifford | The New Mother and Other Stories (Oneiros Books)
David Kato Hopkins | Rumors of Noizu: Hijokaidan and the Road to New Damascus (Public Bath)
Fleur Jaeggy | I Am the Brother of XX (New Directions)
Fleur Jaeggy | The Water Statues (New Directions)
Thomas Moynihan | X-Risk: How Humanity Discovered Its Own Extinction (Urbanomic)
Isabelle Nicou | Stricture (Amphetamine Sulphate)
Olga Ravn | The Employees (Book*hug Press)
Peter Sotos | Missed.Better Still (Amphetamine Sulphate)
Audrey Szasz | Destroy Everything You Touch (Infinity Land)
Audrey Szasz | Zealous Immaculate (Amphetamine Sulphate)
Olga Tokarczuk | The Books of Jacob (Fitzcarraldo Editions)
Andy Wilson, ed. | Cosmic Orgasm: The Music of Iancu Dumitrescu (Unkant)
Serhiy Zhadan | The Orphanage (Yale University Press)

Crimes of the Future | David Cronenberg
Decision to Leave | Park Chan-wook
De Humani Corporis Fabrica | Verena Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor
The Eternal Daughter | Joanna Hogg
Flux Gourmet | Peter Strickland
Holy Spider | Ali Abbasi
Memoria | Apichatpong Weerasethakul
The Novelist’s Film | Hong sang-soo
Pacifiction | Albert Serra (film of the year by quite a margin)
The Quiet Girl | Colm Bairéad
Sparta | Ulrich Seidl
Stars at Noon | Claire Denis
Triangle of Sadness | Ruben Östlund

The Kg Organisation itself had three releases out this year after five years of public silence and what felt like endless work and delays. Heartfelt thanks to Simon Cummings, John Nicol and Massimo Ricci for the kind press coverage; Michael Lawrence for continually polishing away the numerous imperfections; Maria and the Creatures for constant presence and reminders of sanity.