Hors-série #7 | The Keraunograph Ensemble | Anatomic Stars / Recessional


I | Anatomic Stars (Starry Tremors, 2017 version) | 19'40"
II | Recessional (Threshold, 2017 version) | 19'22"

Acoustic guitars, basses, Hammond BV organ, harmonium, kemençe, piano, voices and re/amplification by JH at The Pines, Montréal,November 2016 — August 2017.
Mixed at The Pines, September 2017.

Mastered and cut by Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies!, November 2017.

With gratitude as always to Maria, David, Michael and the Creatures. Special thanks to Ana Gisgreene for assistance.

Clear vinyl LP in painted cover | Numbered edition of 11 | 2022.III.28