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Kg.04 update
News | 2017.12.08

The Keraunograph Ensemble | The Omnipresent Volume III

The Omnipresent Volume III: The Great Diagonal will be available soon as a very limited box set edition, including bespoke clear vinyl lathe cuts by the inimitable Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies!, as well as paintings, inserts and download code including extra material related to the development of the music.


News | 2017.11.27

JH | Approacher

A new JH piece for frankensteined Hammond organ, recorded live at The Pines in Montreal, is now available for download here.


Xenolith in The Sound Projector radio show
News | 2017.03.20

Xenolith in The Sound Projector radio show

A substantial excerpt from Xenolith closes the Friday, October 13th edition of The Sound Projector's long-running radio show on Resonance FM - thanks also for the very nice comments. Listen here.


Kg.04 news
News | 2017.03.20

2017.08.07 | Kg.04 - The Omnipresent Volume III/h4>

The next volume of The Omnipresent by The Keraunograph Ensemble, to be released as a very limited boxset LP, has been delayed due to technical issues but will be along eventually. Mastered and pressed by Le Bricoleur, The Great Diagonal includes two new pieces for modified Hammond organ and strings, in a handmade box with paintings and insert.


New digital releases
News | 2017.03.20

2017.08.14 | Contagious Spaces, yet again

Now available for download are Contagious Spaces live in Bologna, recorded live at AngelicA 26, and the confusingly similarly named Contagious Spaces, which compiles quite different studio versions of the same piece during its development in 2015 and 2016 as it slowly shifted into what eventually became this year's Xenolith which itself is still obtainable in convenient gatefold CD format.


Rare Kg.01 for sale
News | 2017.03.20

2017.04.24 | Rare LP by The Keraunograph Ensemble for sale

A copy of the long-out-of-print The Omnipresent Volume I: Writings of Earth LP box set (Kg.01) is for sale at Discogs by its original buyer. Produced in an edition of 11 in late 2015, this music is not available anywhere else. We will send a new certificate of ownership and download code to the new buyer on receipt of a proof of purchase.


News | 2017.03.20

2017.04.23 | James Hamilton | Xenolith

James Hamilton's Xenolith is now available. Order, and hear seven individual minutes, here.


Xenolith | Video preview
News | 2017.03.20

2017.03.20 | James Hamilton | Xenolith

James Hamilton's Xenolith, an extended work for organs and amplifiers and the spaces between and inside them, is out on CD on April 23rd. See a video preview here.

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